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What does the cosmetics industry need from its packaging?

Tournaire has been committed to providing leading companies in the cosmetics industry with the best packaging for cosmetics and other perfume bottles ever since it was founded in 1833. This is a key stage in the production process, because the proper conservation of ingredients is a hallmark of the quality of the finished product.

Indeed, working in the cosmetics industry involves the processing of precious and luxurious products, as well as the sometimes sensitive ingredients that go into them. It is therefore essential for the packaging to be optimised to preserve the scents and characteristics that make these products so unique.

Packaging for cosmetics: which criteria should be taken into account?

The cosmetics industry is unique in terms of the diversity of the products that it uses. They range from solids through to liquids, viscous fluids and powders, and consequently, packaging for cosmetic products needs to adapt to the products that it contains. Over time, our specialist experience has enabled us to identify the essential characteristics that define a high-quality packaging product:

  • High strength
  • Light weight
  • Tightly sealed
  • Conformity with specifications
  • Ergonomic design
  • Recyclability

Other requirements can be added to this list, such as the choice of material (aluminium, glass, or plastic) as well as the size of the packaging (which can vary anywhere between 15 ml up to around 60 litres) and a sealing system that guarantees absolute impermeability.

Tournaire understands these requirements fully and, to ensure that they are met, has created a range of products specifically designed for the cosmetics industry.

Tournaire cosmetic packaging: 185 years of experience

Since it was founded in Grasse, the town that is at the centre of France’s perfume industry, nearly two centuries ago, Tournaire has always been proud to supply high quality packaging. The company has successfully responded to changes in the market, listened to its customers’ needs and innovated to enhance the quality of its cosmetic packaging products, both in terms of design and production. When you select packaging from Tournaire, you are putting your trust in the expertise of a perfume bottle manufacturer that has been in the business since 1833.

Each of our products is unique, in order to ensure that it meets your needs. As such, you will find aluminium bottles, which make ideal containers for transporting viscous aromatic raw ingredients, with their one-piece structure ensuring that they can withstand any stress as the aluminium protects them from the ingress of gases or light.

Our bottles are also used in a laboratory setting, for example for raw materials sampling. This is why we also have packaging that is designed specifically for this type of usage. We have chosen to move on from aluminium, opting for amber glass (offering type III UV protection) that is also fully recyclable and, to make our products easier for laboratory technicians to handle, we have designed a special neck that enables droplets to form perfectly.