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The clients of the Tournaire Group operate in markets that demand the highest quality standards.

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Chemical Product Packaging and other products – put your trust in us !

Are you looking for an efficient partner for your chemical product packaging ? Well, you’ve come to the right place.

Tournaire has been the leading expert in chemical product packaging since 1833. We possess highly-skilled experience in packaging chemical or industrial products by providing solutions to an international network of clients.

Our group is in charge of packaging chemical products but equally works in the fields of perfumery, food production, crop protection and even pharmaceutical packaging. We are therefore accustomed to responding to numerous packaging issues and providing tailor-made solutions to those issues.

We create products while respecting requirements regarding safety conditions and environmental standards. We have in fact developed a policy of sustainable development to guarantee our products the highest possible quality in adherence with a strict environmental specification. You can therefore be confident in the quality of Tournaire for your chemical product packaging.

Producers of chemical product packaging for more than 70 countries :

Since we were first established, we have developed a solid network of international distributors across many different countries and several continents. In this way, if you wish to find our products abroad, you can consult any of the countries which we operate in.
Our products are therefore being used across the globe. This awards us with renowned expertise and allows us to produce technical wrapping for the packaging of chemical products under different formats as well as in several materials :

  • Materials : Aluminium, plastic or even glass for your chemical product packaging
  • Size : Several different formats allow us to respond to a diverse range of products (from 15 to 160ml ; 275 to 800 ml ; 1.1 to 2.5l and finally 20 to 60l.)

Chemical packaging of the highest quality :

You have already seen that our products are all of the highest quality in order to respect increasingly demanding safety standards. The safety of your products being our main concern, we guarantee you chemical product packaging which allows you to stock up on and transport your products with complete peace of mind.

Therfore, opt for safety with Tournaire, for the packaging and wrapping of your society’s chemical products. To trust in us is to trust in a group which has succeeded in remaining at the forefront of the market for almost two centuries.

If you require any further information, do not hesitate to contact us.