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Aluminium bottles: Tournaire product quality

Tournaire is an expert in technical packaging for professionals in the healthcare, specialty chemical, cosmetics, food and phytosanitary sectors.

It is packaging that respects the specificity of its contents for optimal preservation. Made of glass, plastic or aluminium, these packages are available in many sizes to suit your requirements.

One of the ranges most used in technical and industrial packaging is aluminium packaging, especially aluminium bottles.

Discover the quality of Tournaire products for use in a wide range of sectors.

 Aluminium bottles – Proven products for all sectors

 Tournaire offers the most complete range of technical packaging on the market thanks to its dedicated Packaging division.

Among the aluminium packaging on offer, you can also use aluminium bottles for the preservation of your products.

Thanks to secure closures that guarantee an excellent seal and a seamless one-piece structure, your products preserve their freshness and are protected from light.

Here is a part of the range of aluminium bottles, with more details:

– Aluminium Flasks 9m6 ™: with possibility of personalisation of a capacity from 19ml to 160ml

– Ap25 ™ / Ap28 ™: light weight comparable to plastic products with standard caps and tamper-evident ring. With a capacity from 20 ml to 315 ml

– Chem 42 ™: UN approved with single closure and in compliance with European regulations for food contact. With a capacity from 120 ml to 5,5 l

– System plus ™: UN approved with tamper proof seal and complies with European regulations for food contact. Capacity from 50 ml to 32 l

– Type 1 ™: With cork stopper and tear-off aluminium foil with polyethylene topcoat. With a capacity from 19 ml to 160 ml

– T1c32 ™: with a capacity from 50ml to 275ml. Washable and sterilisable in autoclave

– Type 4S ™: Has a wide opening for easy packaging and emptying. With a capacity of 2.5 l to 30 l

Tournaire, supplier of aluminium – World-class quality

Since 1833, Tournaire has been specialising in the valorisation of raw materials, equipment and customised packaging. Its expertise is internationally recognized and Tournaire packaging is used all over the world. Indeed, the aluminium used for packaging raw materials is 100% recyclable, customisable on certain ranges and of unsurpassed quality.