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Aluminium bottles and health: How should you choose your packaging?

Whether for pharmaceuticals or cosmetic care, the product container greatly affects the quality of the content.     Aluminium packaging is widely used in these sectors, as they are more effectively resistant to punctures, shocks and chemical attacks, while offering an unmatched seal.    Of all types of packaging, the aluminium bottle is the most common in the health sector for the transport of solids or liquids in small and medium quantities. In this article, we will review the advantages of aluminium bottles for the storage of health products, and we will highlight the different models of aluminium bottles in the Tournaire range, for both human health and animal health.

The advantages of aluminium bottles for health products.

Due to their simple yet elegant design, which can be closed with a stopper or a spray pump for cosmetics, aluminium bottles have the advantage of being able to adapt to all types of health products, while preserving the quality of the contents. They also have the advantage of being lighter than glass bottles, for example. For professionals, this also means that the transport of goods is much easier and less costly. However, this feature does not affect the strength of aluminium bottles. Indeed, they stand out for their robustness and their resistance to impact. Finally, once you have finished using your bottle, it is extremely easy to recycle, thus minimising waste for our planet.

Which model of aluminium bottle to choose depending on the health product?

Tournaire, the leader in the field of industrial packaging, offers a wide selection of models of aluminium bottles for your health products of all kinds. Our smallest containers can hold a volume between 15 ml and 160 ml, and we also have models up to 800 ml. In addition, our large-volume aluminium bottles can hold from 1.1 L to 32 L. Our SYSTEM PLUS™ products have capacities between 50 ml and 32 L and are made of 1050A and 1070A aluminium, which offers greater robustness. Like many of our products, this model is UN-approved, which means that it complies with the standards and requirements of the United Nations for the transport of dangerous goods.

Our aluminium bottles for animal health.

In addition to our wide range of aluminium packaging for human health products, we also offer aluminium bottles adapted to the needs of animal health. Whether for active ingredients, vaccines, pest control products or growth hormones, all our bottles perfectly meet the demands of veterinary laboratories. Because the health of our animals is as important as ours, Tournaire strives for excellence in these products.