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Choose safety in your dangerous goods transport packaging

The transport of hazardous materials represents a real challenge for operators in the pharmaceutical, agri-food or laboratory chemical sectors. Often carried out by road, it can also be carried out by rail, sea or air. There are many national and international regulations governing the transport of hazardous materials to ensure the protection of all parties. Tournaire will assist you in your choice of container for the transport of hazardous materials.

Containers for the transport of dangerous goods: What are the applicable regulations?

The UN has established a list of 2,700 hazardous materials. These are divided into nine classes according to the particular type of hazard. The packaging must be clearly marked with the product’s hazard class number and a 4-digit UN number to identify the product. This signage allows emergency services to react quickly in the event of an incident. Goods can be hazardous to humans and the environment to varying degrees. You need to know the characteristics of the material: flammable, compressed gas, explosive, etc. This will determine the nature of your container for transporting hazardous materials.

The most common risks associated with hazardous products are explosion, toxicity, corrosion and fire. When handling these types of hazardous materials, it is essential to take very strict precautions to ensure an absolute level of hazardous product safety. To protect all operators in the loading/transport/unloading process, it is essential to use a 100% guaranteed hazardous material transport container.

Choose safety with our hazardous material transport container range

Specialising in the packaging of dangerous products, Tournaire provides you with quality packaging in one-piece aluminium or multilayer plastic. Our closure systems offer the best guarantees on the market. Our hazardous materials transport containers have a proven track record of strength and durability to keep everyone safe. They offer protection against impact, leakage and weathering that may be encountered when storing and transporting your dangerous goods. The hygiene of your products is 100% assured. Your packaging can be in bulk, in large containers or in simple packaging such as drums.

The material and shape of your hazardous material transport container may vary depending on the nature of your product: gaseous, solid or liquid. Make sure you know the contents of your goods beforehand to choose the most suitable packaging. It is also advisable to discuss these details with your carrier to find the best solution for the safeguarding of dangerous goods. Tournaire’s unique expertise in the design and manufacture of technical packaging allows you to benefit from the highest quality equipment for the storage and transport of your products. Our quality processes meet the most stringent requirements in order to offer you the best material on the market.