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The clients of the Tournaire Group operate in markets that demand the highest quality standards.

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Tournaire offers the widest range of technical packaging on the market and provides the highest levels of quality, service and safety.

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Industrial packaging

The Tournaire Group has developed unique expertise in the design and manufacture of technical packaging.

Present in more than 70 countries, we take care of the co-design of industrial packaging, from its modeling and production to the use of our products. We invite you to discover our technical solutions designed to protect, transport and preserve sensitive materials.

Today, with the most comprehensive range on the market, the Tournaire Group supplies a wide variety of sectors: human and animal health, perfumery, well-being, agri-food and nutritional supplements, as well as speciality chemicals, electronics and laboratories, offering the highest level of quality, service and safety.

Tournaire offers a multitude of packaging in aluminium and their closing systems, which offer the best guarantees for their users.


This involves two major industrial activities:

  • The transformation of aluminum (extrusion and stamping): the pure aluminum metal is shaped to form a one-piece container. It can be protected by varnish, or anodized;
  • Insertion of plastic necks / handles on aluminum containers, and stoppers equipped with seals or caps.

The Tournaire Group designs, manufactures and markets barrier packaging for the safe transport of sensitive or fragile products around the world.


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Glass packaging has the particularity of being very airtight, which effectively protects the product from oxidation and humidity. Additionally, glass allows you to see through its contents, which is both practical and aesthetic. It is also an ecological choice: glass is infinitely recyclable. However, it has the particularity of being fragile, likely to break during handling. In addition, it is a rather heavy material. Therefore, we recommend that you opt for technical packaging if you work mainly in the chemical, cosmetics or perfumery sectors.

The aluminum packaging provides both excellent protection against light and oxidation, which perfectly preserves the quality of its contents. In addition, it is a material that offers both lightness and resistance. It provides excellent protection against impacts, scratches and damage. The final advantage of aluminum is that it is recyclable, making it an environmentally friendly choice.

It is the ideal solution for products requiring transport without risk of breakage.


At Tournaire, we are experts in the protection of sensitive and dangerous materials. This is why we offer you tailor-made packaging to allow you to store and transport your materials safely. As mentioned previously, aluminum packaging has the advantage of being both very resistant and light. This makes it the ideal solution for transporting your products. However, we draw your attention to the fact that aluminum is a good thermal conductor, which means that it can transfer heat and cold. Be careful to choose a storage location protected from strong temperature variations on your sensitive product.

To choose your industrial aluminum packaging, think about the ideal size of the container you need. Do you need many small containers, between 120ml and 1000ml? Do you prefer to have several large 5.5 liter containers to optimize the transport of your products? Finally, what aesthetic do you want for your product? Our models are mainly cylindrical in shape to limit shocks, with an opening system on the upper side.

You can also contact us to discuss your research in industrial packaging solutions. As a specialist, we can support you in the design, creation and manufacture of containers perfectly suited to your needs.