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17 January 2023

Omni Plus : la nouvelle gamme innovante en aluminium haute performance

Omni Plus : la nouvelle gamme innovante en aluminium haute performance

Interview of Patrice Aubert, Design office & Development Manager

Can you introduce yourself and your job at TOURNAIRE?

I have been in charge of the design office / product development, as well as industrialization methods, for more than 10 years.

Tell us about the latest TOURNAIRE innovations?

The latest TOURNAIRE innovation is the Omni Plus range: Omni Plus 32 and Omni Plus 50. It has been designed for customers, and it is wide: from the small volume 50ml to the largest volume, 6L250.

Created in 2022, this new range has been optimized to take into account functions such as cleanliness, ergonomics, design, recycling, performance and anti-counterfeiting.

Likewise, we have worked a lot in recent years on technical solutions to meet performance and inviolability criteria.

We are talking about product innovations here, but with us, it cannot be done without innovating and our tools and industrial means.

What will the packaging of tomorrow be like?

For me, the packaging of tomorrow will be packaging that best respects our environment, so we are talking about sustainable development here, and I would say that the three “Rs” of COP21 really show what we need to take into account when we develop packaging whether today or for the packaging of tomorrow.

The three “Rs” stand for: Reduce, Recycle and Reuse. They are important, and we really have to take this into account in the development of our new products.

The aluminum material is predisposed to meet these constraints. The aluminum material is a noble, durable material that really corresponds to the future. In addition, it can be recycled ad infinitum without losing its mechanical characteristics.

The packaging of tomorrow will also have to meet the requirements of our customers, who are changing rapidly in a rapidly changing world.

What is the best memory of your career at TOURNAIRE?

My fondest memory remains, witnessing the joy expressed by my colleagues and collaborators when we succeeded together in taking up the challenge for our client.


In one sentence, I would say that TOURNAIRE is an industrial and therefore technical playground. It is an exciting playground internally but also externally with international challenges with our presence on all continents and t