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Developments in TOURNAIRE group shareholder base
Tournaire > Developments in TOURNAIRE group shareholder base

To ensure that we have the means to match our high-flying ambitions, exploit growth opportunities and ensure lasting business for the firm, TOURNAIRE is planning to open up part of its capital to a French capital-development partner, namely Motion Equity Partners. All the long-standing current shareholders voted unanimously for this beneficial development and remain very much involved, holding around 49% of capital.
Seeking ever to serve its customer better, Tournaire is proceeding with this development that will give a new structure to the composition of capital, in order to shore up its business footing on all continents and in promising new markets, its industrial assets and its capacity for innovation, all the while maintaining its commitment to protect the environment.
Teaming the power of the Tournaire brand, its position as market leader in industrial and technological terms and its well-rounded product range with Motion Equity Partners’ savoir-faire, they can readily embrace a new phase in the firm’s development.


a) The project and the motivation behind this operation

TOURNAIRE is doing well, posting steadily-growing turnover in excess of 90 million euros. As the leader in Europe for premium packaging solutions in aluminium monoblock, TOURNAIRE hopes to continue to develop and ensure the firm’s lasting success by seizing opportunities available on markets currently undergoing great developments.

The long-standing shareholders of TOURNAIRE SA have all committed to opening up the firm’s capital, as a way to procure the means to match its ambition and ensure lasting success for the firm. The aim is for capital investment firm MOTION EQUITY PARTNERS to acquire a majority stake (51%)during the last quarter of 2022. MOTION EQUITY PARTNERS shareholders have similarly expressed their parallel commitment.

The head office shall remain in Grasse, without any change in the managerial line-up. TOURNAIRE customers and employees shall not suffer any negative consequences. On the contrary, this fresh injection of capital will provide the management team with greater resources on a par with their ambitious development, ensuring lasting job security for employees.


b) TOURNAIRE’s ambition

This change in the TOURNAIRE shareholdership is part of a new development phase for its markets, remaining as ever at the service of its customers and partners with requirements which are ever greater – and legitimately so. Implementing this ambition has led to the need of greater investments in innovation and industrial means, to respond with ever greater agility to customers and provide the support they need wherever they operate.

This growth-focussed operation is of strategic importance, for lasting development at TOURNAIRE as it deals with competition from Asia and international growth in its market, which have made it necessary to rely on the savoir-faire and support of MOTION EQUITY PARTNERS. With this support, and the reinforcement of teams and means, Tournaire will be better able to harness growth opportunities such as:

  1. Maintaining the dynamic pace of development on the European market;
  2. Accelerating development outside Europe;
  3. Penetrating new, high-potential markets such as human and animal health and speciality chemicals;
  4. Growing production capacity;
  5. Ongoing investments to protect the environment.


c) Why Motion Equity Partners?

We chose our new shareholding partner further to a strict selection process. MOTION EQUITY PARTNERS is a highly suitable partner for the next stage of development for TOURNAIRE.
Drawing on its experience supporting over 17 French SMEs and intermediate-sized enterprises (ETIs) over the past 15 years, MOTION EQUITY PARTNERS is a front-line player in capital investment in France. Tournaire especially chose MOTION EQUITY PARTNERS for their:
• in-depth knowledge of the packaging industry and TOURNAIRE’s issues;
• ambition for the firm ;
• financial solidity, standing and long-term approach;
• motivation and entrepreneurial profile matching TOURNAIRE’s own values.

Motion Equity Partners staff also came across as open to ensuring lasting success for TOURNAIRE and brimming with motivation to drive higher growth, all the while mindful of the firm’s shareholders, values, background and independence, and empowering the staff, who are the ones who have forged the firm’s unique assets and strength.

This commitment to join forces was taken by all the long-standing shareholders, unanimously, for roll-out in the last quarter of 2022.

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