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What are the various types of aluminium perfume packaging offered by Tournaire?

In order to effectively preserve all of a perfume’s characteristics, you need to choose high-quality packaging. This is one of the challenges faced by Tournaire, a company founded in Grasse in 1833: offering equipment and advanced packaging for the processing of high-quality natural materials. With more than two centuries of experience servicing the world of perfumes, we’ve designed various types of aluminium packaging specifically for storing and transporting perfume.

Discover Tournaire’s aluminium perfume packaging

Tournaire offers a wide range of aluminium packaging, suitable for storing perfumes as well as essential oils and other aromatic products. You can choose the type of the packaging, its type of opening or its capacity. Our various products can meet your most specific needs: for example, if you’re looking to make your products available as samples, our 19 ml 9M6 aluminium line is a great choice. For high-end perfumes, we strongly recommend GCMI 1070A aluminium packaging: these bottles combine aesthetics, strength and practicality of use. They’re equipped with screw-on vaporisers, are available in gold or silver finish and are protected by a transparent cap.

With capacities ranging from 15 ml to 120 ml, their seamless monobloc structure allows for maximum protection of the fragrance against external damage (such as shocks, oxidation, light, etc.). What’s more, the colours can be customised depending on production volume: GCMI aluminium packaging is ideal for sampling, transporting and marketing your perfume.

Why choose aluminium packaging instead of glass?

Aluminium packaging has undeniable advantages over glass when it comes to transporting and protecting perfume. First, its weight: a high-quality aluminium offers a light weight that’s similar to plastic. Glass, on the other hand, is heavier and more fragile. Aluminium is also unbreakable, a feature to take into account when your perfume needs to be transported over long distances. The protection provided by aluminium is best, and its capacity to resist UV light as well as high levels of heat make it ideal for preserving all of a perfume’s qualities. What’s more, it’s a material that’s easily molded, which makes it the ideal candidate for complicated or custom shapes.

Finally, all of our aluminium packaging is 100% recyclable and environmentally conscious! If you’d like more information on our various types of aluminium perfume packaging, please contact us by telephone at 04 93 09 34 34 or by email at the following address: We’d be happy to help you find the ideal solution for storing your fragrance.