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What is the relevance of aluminium packaging in the speciality chemical industry?

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What is the relevance of aluminium packaging in the speciality chemical industry?

Tournaire is a company specialising in the production of both equipment and packaging required for the industry. Founded in 1833 in Grasse, we now market our products and services all over the world. Our expertise has led to recognition in many countries and to our development over the years. Among the products we offer is aluminium packaging for speciality chemicals. Aluminium packaging is used for scented aromatherapy formulations as well as for antibiotics or nutritional supplements. Let us show you the importance of aluminium speciality chemical packaging and why you should trust Tournaire for this type of packaging.


Aluminium chemical packaging: what are the advantages?


Do you want to find packaging for chemicals that are sensitive to moisture, light or oxygen? Discover the range of barrier packaging for chemicals developed by Tournaire. All the solutions offered by Tournaire meet numerous safety requirements and precise quality standards, such as guaranteed sealing of the packaging, strength, and quality of the final product. We test all of our products according to processes complying with the latest legal standards. 


Regarding the models of aluminium chemical packaging on offer, you will find a complete range of capacities for all types of products (adhesives, sealants, primers, varnishes, etc.). Whether it’s conventional bottles, cartridges, technical parts or even one-piece packaging, Tournaire will meet your specific needs for any production volume. We aim to diversify our models as much as possible in order to respond to all our customers’ requirements. When selecting, it is important to take into account the possible capacity for each packaging model. The AP25 and AP28 flasks can hold 20 to 315 ml, while the T802 and T835 ranges (UN-approved models that can be lifted and sterilised in an autoclave) can contain up to 32 litres of raw materials. Of course, if you need some assistance in your selection, do not hesitate to contact us. We will guide you appropriately.


Why place your trust in Tournaire for your aluminium chemical packaging?


To trust Tournaire is to ensure that the quality of your industrial chemical packaging lives up to your expectations. Our products comply with international regulations and meet very specific quality standards. Our teams work daily to offer you ever more efficient packaging and equipment. Choosing Tournaire also means being able to select from different models according to your needs and being able to contact experts if you have any problems.


For more information about the products we offer, please contact us by phone on 04 93 09 34 34 or via our online contact form. We will be happy to answer all of your questions.