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The clients of the Tournaire Group operate in markets that demand the highest quality standards.

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Here is our range of health packaging designed to protect and distribute your pharmaceutical products

Tournaire is your true partner for health packaging. Since we are specialised in packaging for pharmaceutical products.

Always at the forefront of research, we create co-extruded aluminium or plastic health packaging. Thanks to our research, we provide reliable and quality products, and are ISO 9001, 14001 and MASE certified. We produce custom packaging for multiple sectors:

  • Chemicals
  • Animal Health Packaging
  • Health Packaging
  • Perfume and well-being
  • Culture protection
  • Electronics and laboratory
  • Chemicals
  • Food Packaging

Choosing the best health packaging:

In the medical world, each and every element is critical. The risk for customers and for the business is considerable. It is therefore inconceivable not to take into account all the components of the product that will be delivered to the patient. That is why it is important for a medical centre to carefully choose the right health packaging for drugs.

At Tournaire, our policy is to provide the best pharmaceutical packaging possible. Thanks to our extensive research, and our certification to European safety standards, we offer all types of health packaging to medical centres.

For nearly two centuries, we have used our expertise  servicing national as well as international industries. We use robotic pharmaceutical packaging production in order to avoid human error. Our teams are, in turn, in constant research of new technologies and techniques to optimize production and make the packaging more reliable day after day.

Animal health packaging: Put your trust in Tournaire!

Among the different packages we design, Animal Health Packaging is one of our main applications. We produce animal health packaging in several formats:

  • 15 ml to 160 ml
  • 275 ml to 800 ml
  • 1 l to 2.5 l
  • 4 l to 5
  • 20 l to 60 l

We primarily use aluminium for our packaging, but also plastic and glass. These materials ensure the safety and long life to your medical products. You will be able to use them in all circumstances.

 Animal health packaging is primarily designed for vaccines, growth hormones, active ingredients or pesticides. Already used by many veterinary laboratories, our packaging provides reliability and traceability on the techniques and products used to produce them.