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Advantages and applications of aluminium bottles for industrial chemical packaging purposes

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Advantages and applications of aluminium bottles for industrial chemical packaging purposes

Tournaire has now been specialising in the distillation, extraction and packaging of raw materials for more than 180 years. Our expert know-how has developed and evolved over the years to meet the demands and requirements of our partners and customers. Where technical packaging for industrial use is concerned, we have many product models in aluminium, plastic or glass to offer. Our packaging and containers have been designed for use with pharmaceutical, food, chemical and cosmetic products. Where industrial chemical packaging is concerned, we offer a variety of different aluminium product models. Let’s together discover the different product models available along with the reasons why you can trust Tournaire for your packaging needs, especially with respect to our range of aluminium bottles and technical parts.

Discover our range of aluminium flasks and bottles designed for chemical packaging purposes

At Tournaire, we offer various different models of industrial technical packaging products designed for specialised chemical applications. Our packaging products can be used for glue, degreasers, disinfectants and inks or paints. We offer aluminium flasks and bottles of various different capacities ranging from 20 ml to 315 ml. Aluminium flasks are particularly suitable for use with sensitive liquid products. Our AP25 and AP28 models, for example, are made from 1070A aluminium and are highly impact and puncture resistant. Your products will be completely protected from moisture, light and gasses.

If it’s larger packaging you need, there are our System Plus models to choose from, which offer storage capacities ranging from 50 ml to 32 litres. This aluminium bottle is made from 1050A and 1070A aluminium and features a one-piece solder free structure designed to offer complete impermeability. This 100% recyclable aluminium bottle is both compliant with the European regulations governing food contact materials and also WHO approved.


Why choose Tournaire for your industrial technical packaging needs?

Tournaire offers a complete range of technical packaging for industrial use. The Tournaire range includes not only aluminium flasks but also coextruded plastic packaging products and technical parts designed to meet the needs of various different industries. For bespoke work and specific requests and requirements, we have our own design office made up of a team of around a dozen engineers. Our expertise has been enabling us to provide our customers with complete satisfaction for almost 200 years now, and we are continuously working to even further improve our products and services on a daily basis.

If you would like more information about our range of technical packaging for industrial use, please don’t hesitate to contact us by telephone on +33 (0)4 93 09 34 34 or by email at the following address: