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Aluminium, an efficient answer to market needs

Aluminium is light – a third as light as common metals on average – and therefore economises on weight and energy. It is an abundant material, easy to transform and with a structure offering excellent forming properties. An excellent barrier material, even at thicknesses of a few microns, aluminium protects all content from light, humidity, oxygen, external pollution… and microorganisms. This allows it to preserve the essential qualities of its content – particularly for foodstuffs – including their organoleptic properties (hygiene, flavour, taste, odour, scent and colour).


Aluminium is also a barrier to most solvents and can therefore contain the most sensitive products. Finally, aluminium is very resistant to temperature variations, facilitating sterilisation in dry heat or a steam steriliser for example.
Tournaire containers are made of at least 99.5% pure aluminium, corresponding to the references ISO 1050A and 1070A of standard NF EN 573-1.


Our containers can be delivered “bare” or with an interior varnish when the packaged product requires it.
Internal or external anodising is often offered for loose pharmaceutical products, reinforcing chemical resistance and improving physical properties on contact with the main active ingredients.