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News Packaging 24 June 2020

Autonomy and fascinating technological projects at TOURNAIRE

Please introduce yourself and your role

My name is Kévin Couvreur, I manage the Department of Transversal Processes at Tournaire Equipement. I’m 27 and I’ve been working at Tournaire for five years. As  the Manager of Transversal Industrial Processes, I support production, quality and maintenance in the “industrial methods” department, as well as running in-house training courses.

How have IT and robotics improved industrial performance on production lines?

We’re talking industrial IT. Robotics and industrial IT are technical fields which help us improve processes and smooth operating flows in production. Robotics helps to design operations that are human-centric, to support people, replacing them at workstations where people suffer from musculoskeletal disorders. So we are working to implement technical improvements as well as improve working conditions.

Could you describe a day in your life?

There’s no such thing as a typical day. I mostly start by visiting the workshop in the morning, and sometimes I go back in the afternoon to identify production issues.

The aim is to achieve non-stop production, for the best possible productivity in terms of operations. When I don’t have anything useful to contribute in production, I work on more long-term projects, contributing to plans and ongoing improvements to industrial processes.

What do you like best about your job?

Precisely the fact that no one day resembles another is an advantage for me. It keeps me on my toes all day long. I never know ahead of time how my day will play out: the possibilities are endless. Not to mention that my role covers all the firm’s transversal technologies: we have lots of robots and testing machinery, to the extent that the fundamental work I perform is really exciting, as is working directly with customers.

What challenges do you have address?

The challenges are mainly human. We’re talking about support technologies, which mainly replace tasks that are complex for people. So we need to support staff in this approach and raise awareness among those who are not necessarily interested in technology, to show them the extent to which these technologies can be beneficial to their work. It’s a truly human issue that’s interesting to manage.

Why work for Tournaire?

Quite simply because we are developing lots of projects and technologies that are being rolled out. We enjoy a great degree of independence in the completion of our projects. Once we have expressed interest in a new project, we get managerial approval. This latitude opens up opportunities to implement significant technological developments.



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