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News 26 November 2019

A passion for managing complex machine

Stéphane Woloszyn has been working in maintenance at Tournaire for 24 years. He is manager of the sector maintenance technicians (“TMRS”) as well as the maintenance coordinator. 


How many machines are there to supervised? 


Today the machine park extends into several sectors: the aluminium packaging and the plastic packaging facilities. We are responsible for all machines and infrastructures that may have a direct or indirect impact on these machines. We have a machine park that will cover about 300 machines, from the smallest to the largest, so it is difficult to quantify in terms of machines but rather in terms of quantity of equipment. 


How many containers are produced everyday?

The number of containers per day is difficult to give like that. Today these machines have several types of containers to produce and the machine speeds are different from each other. We have some that can produce 60 parts per minute and others that have much longer cycles and produce one part per minute. We have really different machine parks between them.


How are your day organised? 

Our days are organized in several ways with two axes. First of all, breakdowns, which are managed as a priority, and then a role for TMRS (sector maintenance technicians), which is more in the background and is there to manage the issues related to analysis and preventive maintenance to better serve our customers.


What do you like most about your job? 

The complexity of my job at Tournaire: today we cover all fields as well in electricity, automation, hydraulics… our machines are very complex. Today we have some quite old machines and some very new ones. Tournaire is completely committed to the new wave with the new technologies so day by day we live with new machines. 


What are the challenges you have had overcome? 

Our challenges are more or less daily with all the breakdowns to solve so the failure of the day is a challenge. The challenges are also related to increasing productivity for our machines and means of production. Trying to earn a productivity point is important for our company.  


Why join tournaire? 

It is a lively company, full of experience. Today we can fully develop within the company, as it is really active and dynamic and thus a company that is professionally rich. 


Why have you stayed at Tournaire for all those years? 

For 24 years I have never wanted to leave because I have really covered the whole core business of the company in terms of maintenance. Today I am still learning and always learning. Here it is very easy to get on and achieve recognition. I feel good at Tournaire.