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16 noviembre 2020

WiNatLab revelation speech

WiNatLab revelation speech

By Franck Bardini, Director of Operations, Tournaire Equipement

Hello everybody, I would like first to thank you all for such a great turn-out. For one thing is certain, it’s very important for us to have you here today the launch of this concept.

WiNatLab’s watchword is innovation. It’s even its raison d’être. It has been designed to boost innovation for workers processing raw materials, yes, I’m talking about you!

In 2015, we decided to drop chemical synthesis to focus exclusively on the natural market. It was very clearly the right choice, given the growth of this line of business globally. Moreover, we have seen that this line of business is also buoyed by consumer power, as people vote with their wallets to make their own healthcare choices and preserve the planet.

 The notions of eco-responsibility and commitment, even activism, are here to stay in our cultures and society.

More than ever, time-to-market is a key factor in innovation, as we face the challenges of today and tomorrow.

WiNatLab is a new business model combined with a range of services, as Luc pointed out. It is the culmination of our development over these past three years, tailored to interact with your value chain of innovations alongside specialist partners on some links in this chain.

We are entering a new phase in the modernisation of our working methods. Modernisation goes hand-in-hand with innovation. So with our staff, we sought the means to innovate in our industries, further to the experiences of these three years.

This offer is as yet all-new, as I see it. It is unique on the market, it is peerless, yet not all-out disruptive. We do not aim to break up or oust what already exists. Rather, we hope to embody a new dynamic and boost innovation via springboards. These may be disruptive, in certain ways, cultures, principles and even certainties.


In other words, WiNatLab is positioned as a dynamic, innovation-driven method based on a collaborative platform concept, calibrated to spring into action as necessary and to replace whatever is holding innovation back.

As some of you have already seen, there is a full set of tried-and-tested, ground-breaking technologies underpinning this platform, which we can industrialise alongside you. Given this capacity to industrialise, this is not a platform for fundamental research, rather a platform from which to scale up to industrial capacity.

 Another important element is harnessing this platform to achieve the capacity to support you with hitherto unrivalled efficacy, with new processes for natural products. But also for new products that you have expert knowledge on, for which we must also re-examine our own innovations. We also hope that this platform will open up opportunities to innovate by refocusing the realities of market needs in order to come up with suitable technologies. Developing technology without being attuned to evolution and market needs serves no purpose. And it is also a platform which will help grow our staff’s skills even faster, which is another important element given the speed at which we need to act for our staff to work efficiently. Growing together.

Lastly, we are of the conviction that this virtuous circle must quickly bring you value in all or part of your innovation value chain through to production of the finished product and related services. We all know how precious, even costly, time is.

I would like to share a symbolic illustration of the ambition that shines through this platform. We’re aiming to scale up from kitchen hand to Michelin chef to work on recipes with you, which will bring a new, complementary dynamic to your innovation. Another image that comes to mind is Waze, the GPS that guides and directs you, without wasting any time, to go straight to the crux of the matter with respect to certain decisions for which we can support you.

As you listen to these clearly asserted aims, you are no doubt quite naturally wondering how WiNatLab is actually going to boost innovation for its clients.

I think most of you have already been to the workshops. We have set up ten of them here to explain how this 4-phase value chain works.

 The first two phases involve the initial sign-off and R&D. These occur at our clients’ premises, i.e. yours. It’s your value chains that we line up alongside your feedback, of course. Then there’s the pilot, scale-up and industrialisation phases.

As you have seen, WiNatLab is to be run independently within the subsidiary with input and output data. And the output data is the capacity to draw up an evolutionary process with you, to evaluate an industrial solution that remains your property. You are completely free to choose, to do what you want with it subsequently.

The equipment line of business will continue, should you so wish, to work on time to market by signing off on an offer that will enable you not only perhaps to save time but also provide a guarantee of performance.

I suggest we continue to discuss this, and to take advantage of time. We do still have some time, the cocktail party is due to start soon after this ceremony but we will continue to run the workshops for those who haven’t been able to see them yet. I suggest we carry on talking together to explore how WiNatLab can act as an accelerator for your innovation.

Thank you once more for coming and for your interest in our shared ambition for WiNatLab by Tournaire – Boosting your innovation, which is a joint project.

Thank you.