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Tournaire > NOTICIAS Y EVENTOS > Marc Cusset, New Corporate Head of Sales and Marketing at Tournaire S.A.
10 junio 2021

Marc Cusset, New Corporate Head of Sales and Marketing at Tournaire S.A.

Marc Cusset, New Corporate Head of Sales and Marketing at Tournaire S.A.

Interview of Marc Cusset
Corporate Head of Sales and Marketing at Tournaire

Can you introduce yourself and your department ?

Dear all, my name is Marc Cusset, I’m the new Corporate Head of Sales and Marketing of Tournaire Group. I lead a team of around 20 people worldwide for the packaging division. On a personal standpoint, I have been working for more than 25 years in very similar environments in BtoB, industrial sectors, international, multi-cultural and very competitive.

My function as part of a more global transformation plan of the group and is intending to accelerate and to structure our future developments. In that context, another new position in my team is led by Gilles Durand as the Marketing Director. Gille’s expertise in both applications and product is crucial for the efficiency of our marketing team in order to always serve better our customers and distributors.

Why do you strengthen your organisation in the middle of the COVID-19 crisis ?

It’s about converting the covid prices from a threat to an opportunity for reinforcement and sales growth. In that purpose and despite the long-lasting turmoil in our social and economic environment, our obsession is to maintain our optimum customer service.

This is our DNA while constructing our strategic roadmap. Keywords of this roadmap are focusing our resources on a relevant market application to serve our customers and to implement our international deployment.

What is your vision of the role of your department for a manufacturer like Tournaire?

Our main mission is to generate profitable and sustainable sales growth for the group. Sustainability is essential for family-owned groups like Tournaire. In that purpose, customer relationship, listening to their needs along with the product and service offerings are key success factors for differentiating ourselves over time. For example, product range extension but also providing compatibility tests thanks to our testing lab new recent and very much appreciated by our customers.

How do you foresee the exit from the COVID-19 crisis?

The acceleration of our development at I was referring to earlier in this presentation, we materialize during the second semester by new product launches in stand-by since early 2020. But also by broader international development of our distribution network. Finally, another strategic topic is the securisation of our procurement of raw materials as well as their purchase cost and therefore our pricing in 2021.

How do you help the customers understand the packaging issues in their market?

Thanks to the creation of our marketing team in the second part of 2020, we are able to provide more and more marketing tools for documentation and trading purposes to our customers or distributors in our sale forces. All of that will be available step by step from September 2021 and I warmly invite you to join us on our website