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26 noviembre 2019

Tournaire in Asia-Pacific, the Asian challenge

Tournaire in Asia-Pacific, the Asian challenge

Testimony of Romain Leclef, GM Asia-Pacific. 


Can you introduce yourself and your activity for Tournaire in Asia-pacific?

Tournaire is an office and distribution platform, which serves our customers and partners in the area. It is a rather large area, one can imagine a triangle that extends from India to Japan and Australia. 


What are the specificities of the Asia Pacific market for packaging? 


It is a rapidly changing market, where regulations are becoming more and more stringent and where our customers need a local service.


What specific needs do you meet?


Our customers need to protect and transport sensitive and/or high value-added materials. 


Who are your most representative custumers?


Pharmaceutical assets, mainly in India, China and Korea. Perfumery in Singapore. 

There are new emerging markets such as liquid crystal technologies for new LED TVs and also with the explosion of electric cars in China, the electrolyte market. 


What are the specificities of Tournaire in this market? 


Stay one step ahead of the regulations and guarantee impeccable quality and reliability on our packaging. 


How do you see the future of the market in this area?


We can highlight 3 points: world growth is taking place in this area, it is a market that is more and more demanding in terms of quality and where the regulations are more and more restrictive.


What do you enjoy most about living in this part of the world? 


The welcome of the people, the dynamism of the area, the challenge for Tournaire because it is a challenge that is difficult to meet given the size of the area and the difference in culture between each of the countries. It is a source of enrichment on a daily basis. 


Romain Leclef, GM Asia-Pacific