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18 mayo 2020

The company must be prepared to provide support to each individual.

The company must be prepared to provide support to each individual.

Christelle Baudequin
Responsable QSE chez TOURNAIRE

What is the impact of this crisis on the health and safety activity? 

Always the same vigilance on the operating of systems and regulatory compliance (cooling tower monitoring, waste treatment plant, exchanges with the regional environment, development and housing department).

No difficulty on critical points such as the operation of the Waste Treatment Plant and sludge disposal, 

No difficulties on waste management (only replanning).

However, some suppliers have very substantially increased their costs!

Impossibility of carrying out face-to-face audits (customers, internal suppliers and certification) even though they are important tools for continuous improvement.

Postponement of certain health and safety actions/issues to more favourable periods. 

Delays in the animation of health and safety systems but no impact on certifications

What have you put in place to manage this crisis? 

Support for the defining of COVID risk prevention measures and their implementation in the company by analyzing work situations (evolution of the Single Document) consistent with the general principles of prevention (risk elimination, collective protection, individual protection and training).

Frequent contacts with critical service providers to verify business continuity and know the measures implemented, possible difficulties to anticipate… 

Many actions relate to the control over interventions of external personnel on our site:

  • Communication of our continuity plan 
  • Prevention plan adapted to health risk
  • Change in the organization of the work sites 


Remote audits (for requesting customers and to monitor ISO certifications)

Work on the issues by telephone meetings and exchanges of documents. After a period of adaptation to the tools, it works well!

What have you noticed since the start of confinement?

Providers and suppliers have organized themselves at different rates but responded present to help us maintain our activity even if they had decided to stop.

The role of the manager in the field is fundamental in relaying messages and ensuring their application.

What lessons have you learned?

The existence of a solidly documented system is a strength, it enables quick reactions in the event of emergencies or deteriorated situations, fill absences and train quickly in versatility.

The good relationships with our partners (suppliers, service providers) have resulted in a dynamic of cooperation to find the best solutions together.

Each individual is different, in his or her perception and apprehension, when faced with risk, this being a very important psychological component and the company must be prepared to provide support to each individual.