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Equipment News 1 July 2020

“Working for Tournaire is about growing together”

Could you tell us about your line of business at Tournaire Equipement?

My role is to respond to my customers’ needs. I put forward suitable service packages and offer customised support that’s fully in line with their requests. I have spent the past three years leveraging my experience and professional background to build up a set of core services that’s very broad in scope. My job entails listening to our customers, to shape a broad and varied range of bespoke services.

This work has been accomplished through our determination to weigh in on the lifecycle of industrial projects, from needs analysis through to stellar service agreements.

What types of market and customers do you cater to?

Since TOURNAIRE SA was first founded in 1833, it has built up an international reputation with a footing in 70 countries. We have long-standing customers working in various markets, such as chemicals, Pharmaceuticals and Healthcare (ORIL – PMC ISOCHEM – SANOFI – UCB – ZACH SYSTEM) as well as Aromas & Ingredients and Perfumery – Cosmetics (BIOLANDES – EXSYMOL – MANE – PAYAN BERTRAND – ROBERTET).

For the past five years, our corporate strategy has been to focus on the processing of natural raw materials. We have channelled our expertise in order to position ourselves as key players in natural materials, with very specific offers.

Could you describe a day in your life?

Every day is a new adventure: I often need to think on my feet, organising on-site visits for reviews and surveys. Our plan is to bolster our “Service” team in order to roll out an even more proactive approach.

How do you pinpoint your customers’ needs?

In addition to handling everyday aftermarket needs and responses, we can provide support for our customers. We itemise their needs as closely as possible, suggesting support with an expanded offer, at all points along the supply chain involving our core business: “design and execution of key machinery, turnkey processes and bespoke processes”. 

What is Tournaire Equipement’s USP in terms of performance?

We cater to a diverse customer base featuring three different profiles: key accounts, SMEs and start-ups.

Our offer can be standard or customised, depending on what our customers choose. We provide support for better control over each key step, factoring in risk management and keeping to the schedule. Our USP is: “Your made-to-measure is our standard”.

Can you give details of the Tournaire Equipement service offer?

Our new offers aims to weigh in on the life cycle of industrial projects. It comprises three steps:

1 First, the engineering phase 

Assistance upstream with projects in the engineering phase. Our process engineers draw up preliminary outlines and detailed preliminary designs with a view to drafting suitable specifications.

Our HALL PILOT is available to approve and analyse everything, to walk our customers through to the industrial stages.

2 The Design and Execution phase for turnkey units

  • Integration of metal structures, supplying calculations
  • Factoring in “peripheral supplies” such as shipping into the Processes
  • The batch of tanks appended to units
  • Pipe work in relation to the customer’s utilities
  • Automation of the Process units and peripheral appliances


3 Downstream, the Services phase during installation and throughout the unit life cycle

  • Coordinating the various lines of business during the technical assistance phases on the building site 
  • Rehabilitation of appliances
  • Ensuring compliance of older machinery with new regulations pertaining to machine safety, Atex and pressure equipment.
  • Technical assistance with auditing operations on units and training courses for maintenance operators 
  • Revamping operations with modifications and automation to optimise production
  • Technical assistance for breakdown repair operations 
  • Proposals for service agreements with several levels of service
  • Our aim: we are committed to your success 


Customers may also apply to my department regarding the sale of new machinery and additional equipment such as condensers, multi-stage pressure filters, Buchner filters etc.

What is your proudest achievement?

The satisfaction of a job well done, but also the forging of relationships and the fostering of trust with our customers further to the rollout of a lasting, tailored service offer. With repeat business and a growing customer portfolio, we have grown turnover from 5 to 25% over the past three years. 

What does your ground-breaking “Hall Pilot” bring to players in the natural materials sector?

It helps to test processes in lab mode before scaling up to industrial mode.

What would you say to somebody applying for a job at Tournaire Equipement?

Working for TOURNAIRE EQUIPEMENT provides ongoing immersion in a variety of services, great learning opportunities in both professional and personal terms in fulfilling fields, with support from competent staff, in a warm and friendly atmosphere, growing together.

Check out Tournaire’s WiNatLab hall pilot here (