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What are Tournaire’s filtration units?

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Filtration units are essential components in many industrial processes, from agrochemicals and perfumery to pharmaceuticals. It is a separation process which can be accompanied by other treatments of the substance, but whose main purpose is the separation of elements in a heterogeneous mixture.  Specializing in the treatment and processing of noble materials, Tournaire offers several ranges of filtration equipment, presented below.

Two key filtration units: single plate filters and multi-stage filters.

Tournaire offers two main families of filtration units:  single plate vacuum or pressure filters, and multi-stage pressure filters, to guarantee a good filtration of your substances. The function of the former is to clarify or separate your suspended substances, using different types of filter for filtration. Depending on the substance to be treated, the correct filter will preserve the substance’s characteristics while also providing the required porosity: synthetic fabric, cellulose, metal layers…
If a product requires a larger filtering area or a smaller capacity, it is recommended you choose a multi-stage filtration unit for treatment. 

Use of Nutsche filters, or agitated filter dryers, for complex treatment

Filtration units fitted with Nutsche filters are particularly popular, providing multiple treatments of a substance within the one machine.  As well as filtering a substance, a machine equipped with Nutsche filters can also perform mixing, extraction, solvent removal and drying operations. These vacuum or pressure filters are industrial versions of the Büchner filters used in laboratory settings.  While Nutsche filtration units are not suited to all types of product or suspension, they do allow significant gains in terms of time and also efficiency, as they can be integrated into more complete treatment processes.

Is ultrafiltration possible with Tournaire filtration equipment?

Ultrafiltration (sometimes shortened to ‘UF’) is a far more precise separation process than the classic filtration techniques, such as microfiltration.  Ultrafiltration provides a far smaller filter porosity of between 1 and 100 nanometres, which prevents the movement of suspended particles such as bacteria or viruses.  It is mainly used in the filtration of liquid substances in highly exacting sectors, such as filtering milk products or haemofiltration (blood filtering).

 Tournaire filtration units are compatible with ultrafiltration technologies. Our experts will put together the filtering material best suited to your needs, in accordance with your design requirements and the products you wish to treat.  All our devices are then tested in laboratory conditions to ensure their conformity and effectiveness. Should you have any questions regarding our different filtration units, don’t hesitate to contact us using our online contact form or by telephone on +33 4 93 09 34 34.