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What methods are used to extract essential oils?

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What methods are used to extract essential oils?

An essential oil consists of a concentrated liquid made from plant-based substances. There are a variety of different methods to obtain essential oils: they can be distilled or extracted. Essential oils are used in a number of different industries, particularly pharmaceuticals, fragrances and cosmetics and sometimes in the food and agriculture industries. Depending on their original compositions, each has its own, unique characteristics.

Essential oils have been known since antiquity for their therapeutic properties. For instance, they have anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties, and can also actively affect the digestive process or neurological conditions. In the cosmetics industry, they are particularly popular for their ability to provide a lasting scent; for example, the process of extracting essential lavender oil to obtain a sweet, calming scent, is widespread. That is why they can be found in soaps and household products. Finally, they are also used as flavourings in a range of products, from tea to yoghurt.

Extraction of essential oils: solutions developed by Tournaire

Tournaire has acquired recognised expertise in cutting-edge equipment since it was founded in 1833, particularly in relation to extraction equipment. In particular, we have developed a range of highly effective static discontinuous extractors that are extremely effective ways to extract essential oils. They are particularly well suited for processing flowers and other plant-based, bulk raw materials. Our unique technology makes it possible to use agitation, filtration of the extract under pressure or drying the residue in a vacuum for extraction within a single device.

Our equipment features a number of innovations that make it possible to reduce the extraction time or the number of passes required to exhaust the raw material. Our range of static extractors is specifically designed to process highly granular raw materials. Rapid extraction of essential orange oil or any other plant-based oil is possible thanks to our equipment’s multi-functional aspects. Finally, our devices’ high-end features contribute to reducing your environmental footprint.

Extraction of essential oils: reasons to choose Tournaire

Due to its history, Tournaire has acknowledged expertise in deriving value from natural raw materials, offering a range of custom equipment to help you make the most of your plant-based raw materials. Innovation is at the heart of our DNA, and this translates into the most advanced features for the extraction of essential oils being incorporated into our machinery. We will ensure that you benefit from fast, effective extraction processes, enabling you to create products of the highest possible quality.

We are aware that each industry has its own limitations that it must address. That’s why we make the effort to understand your business – to provide you with tailored equipment and solutions that adapt to suit your needs for the extraction of essential oils. Our equipment covers fields of activity that range from pharmaceuticals through to fine chemicals and fragrances.