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The Florentine vase: what role does it play in the distillation of essential oils ?

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The Florentine vase: what role does it play in the distillation of essential oils ?

Among the various pieces of equipment necessary in the distillation of essential oils, we find the Florentine vase (also called a “separation vase” or simply an “essencier”). This container plays a very special role in the distillation process, making it possible to isolate and separate a hydrophobic liquid in order to harvest it. Tournaire, an expert in distillation equipment, will tell you more about this essential piece of equipment.

The Florentine vase, separation of two aqueous bodies via gravity

The operation of a glass or stainless steel Florentine vase is relatively simple: two liquids of different densities are placed in it so that, via the effects of gravity, the lighter liquid accumulates on the surface and can be drained off by means of a pipe placed at the top of it. The effect is even more convincing if the liquid in question is hydrophobic, which facilitates its separation and therefore its harvesting.

In the process of distilling essential oils, a Florentine vase is used to efficiently separate and collect mother liquors and essential oils, often at the end of the production line. Having a high-quality essencier will therefore allow for a continuous and damage-free harvest of the essential oil while retaining the values and natural aromas sought.

Which distillation systems can Florentine vases be integrated into?

Thanks to technological advances along with Tournaire’s expertise, Florentine vases are now highly modifiable and can be seamlessly integrated into any type of distillation or hydro-distillation unit. The main criterion for choosing a Florentine vase will be the type of raw material being processed. You must be certain that the liquids being processed have characteristics which allow them to be separated (differences in density, hydrophobic properties, etc.). The distillation of essential oils lends itself particularly well, but other applications are also possible. In contacting us, we can examine your project and even perform tests on our pilot tools to ensure maximum compatibility with our distillation units.

Florentine industrial vases from Tournaire

The essencier is a key component of your distillation equipment and must therefore be designed according to the requirements of the products you’re working with in order to guarantee the best results. This is why Tournaire offers distillation units which integrate Florentine vases and are adaptable to your specifications. Depending on the density of the essential oils used and the expected distillation rates, several types and sizes of essenciers are available. If you’d like to learn more about our distillation units, please contact us at 04 93 09 34 34. We’d be happy to assist you.