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In what circumstances is an evaporation unit used?

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In what circumstances is an evaporation unit used? 

As a specialist in raw material processing, the Tournaire group has been offering its skills and expertise since 1833 serving different branches of activity within the industry but active also in more specific sectors. Among the wide range of solutions we offer to the market, we invite you to find out here about our evaporation unit systems for your specialist laboratories and infrastructures.

What is an evaporation unit?

More commonly known as an evaporator, an evaporation unit is a commonly used tool in refrigeration systems and laboratories. Specifically, an evaporator is an apparatus that allows a liquid to transform into a gas. To use more precise terminology, the term refrigerant is more frequently used to refer to this flow. As soon as the refrigerant comes into contact with the evaporation unit, the system begins to condense the heat of the surrounding environment and then vaporises the modified fluid. At the end of the process, the evaporator performs a cooling operation, which is, in fact, the ultimate objective of the entire operation.

Why use an evaporator?

This type of device can be utilised in a number of different areas; we will show you below a variety of sectors in which a Tournaire evaporation unit is used. Generally speaking, their fields of application involve the chemical, pharmaceutical, perfumery and agri-food sectors. All the products offered by the Tournaire group are designed and manufactured to be used continuously or not, and according to your needs. Across the many sectors which use our evaporators, some have also been designed for particular types of products which have special properties, such as the production of foams or crystals.

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