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Essential oil extraction: how does it work?

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Whether for medicine, cooking or even for cleaning products, essential oils have been in high demand for several years now. Derived from plants, these oils are more and more appreciated by consumers to put back a little bit of nature into their purchases. Essential oil extraction requires very precise processes and high-quality equipment. In this article, Tournaire, experts in essential oil extractors and the treatment and refining of raw materials, provides you with the keys to understand everything about essential oils and their extraction.

How does essential oil extraction work?

A quick reminder of the basics before we start: an essential oil is an aromatic extract in liquid form obtained from a plant. Once extracted, the essential oil contains a high concentration of the active principles and properties of the original plant. These products are then used in a wide variety of sectors. For example, they are particularly appreciated in the medical sector, where the virtues of the natural properties of plants are observed in comparison with the overconsumption of antibiotics. They are frequently used for beauty products and in cooking as a source of fat or sugar… In our online catalogue you will find a wide range of essential oil extractors and equipment for the treatment and refining of raw materials for all sectors.

Distillation, solid-liquid extraction: the different methods for essential oil extraction

There are a large number of different methods for your essential oil extraction processes. The most frequently used method is extraction by distillation: plants are exposed to steam in a still, which extracts the essence of the plant before being condensed into oil and collected. This is a solid-liquid extraction procedure, a technique employed in chemistry to separate components, during which the solute goes from a solid phase to a liquid phase. Among all the essential oil extraction processes, we can also mention the use of an essential oil extractor, which enables an extraction by solvent, a carbon dioxide extraction…

Choose your essential oil extractor with Tournaire

 Since 1833, Tournaire has been established as an expert in the treatment and refining of natural raw materials.
 Our experience enables us to provide you with support for your essential oil extraction processes for any sector and activity. Depending on your needs, our models of essential oil extractors enable you to perform atmospheric pressure distillation for basic plants or pressure distillation for more complex raw materials (wood, roots, etc.). Don’t hesitate to contact one of our experts on +33 4 93 09 34 34 or by email to to benefit from our advice and personalised support according to your needs.