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Distillation equipment: Trust the market leader !

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Distillation equipment: Trust the market leader !

Tournaire was established in 1833 and specialises in the construction of distillation equipment, from plants to perfumes. After proving their worth in the distillation of plant oils, Tournaire decided to expand its business to new industries. Today, we specialise in producing solutions for distillation, extraction, filtration or evaporation for industrial purposes. Moreover, we have developed a packaging section to safely and securely pack and protect extracted products.

Drawing on our experience, we have confirmed our leading position in creating filter extractors and filtrating bottom extractors.

The leading manufacturer in distillation equipment

The extraction of oils is at the heart of our business. We strive to improve the product we offer, which remains the most comprehensive and best performing of its kind on the market.

We support our clients from beginning to end with all aspect of their businesses, whether that be installing filtrating bottom extractors or floating filter extractors. Therefore, we are there from the early research stages right up to the installation of our machines. These machines are manufactured to extract tens of tons of essential oils every day.

Thus, the company plays multiple roles; that of advisor, supplier and service provider. By advising our industrial clients, we are able to develop our R & D continuously in order to anticipate the needs of all our customers.

Our next generation Floating Filter Extractors

Tournaire has developed an integrated range of filter extractors, which combine the work of several machines. Indeed, with Tournaire’s technology, our floating filter extractors have the ability to support the extraction, filtration and drying of the residues. It is thanks to this type of bold innovation that the Tournaire Group has established its leading reputation.

Our filtrating bottom extractor machines are of exceptional quality. This integrated machine also has the advantage of saving you money – instead of acquiring more machines, it will be sufficient for performing all the different tasks within the process (extraction, filtration, drying).

Of course, the Tournaire Group is able to create extractors which are adapted to the specific needs of its customers. We have developed expertise in several industrial fields.