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Distillation equipment

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Distillation equipment – Call on Tournaire’s expertise

Since the company was founded in 1833, Tournaire has specialised in the perfume industry. Coppersmiths by original trade, Tournaire’s teams have developed and expanded their expertise to keep up with evolutions in perfumery to meet their customers’ needs, in particular by offering a wide range of distillation equipment. As pioneers in the treatment of raw materials, Tournaire’s expertise has allowed them to diversify into other sectors. Today the company counts clients in several distinct markets among its customers.

Tournaire is both a family business and an international company, and our expertise makes us known as much for our quality technical packaging as for our top-of-the-range equipment. Distillation equipment is our stock in trade, the very reason behind our company’s founding. Our expertise allows us to offer a complete, high-performance range of units in distillation and discontinuous hydro-distillation, whether at atmospheric pressure or pressurised.

A range of distillation equipment that testifies to Tournaire’s expertise

Our equipment division allows you to make the most of our proficiency in the design, installation and start-up of pilot or production complete raw material treatment units like the distiller. Tournaire’s distillation and hydro-distillation units mean you can offer your products an excellent treatment process. Our Research and Development department is continuously working on improving our equipment to meet all your requirements.

Tournaire wants to bring you made-to-measure distillation equipment. Our aim is to meet our customers’ specific requirements by offering them personalised equipment that is best suited to their business. Thanks to our taste for innovation, Tournaire develops reliable and durable quality equipment that is adapted to your professional activities. The average lifespan of our equipment is 40 years.

A complete service package for your distillation equipment

We at Tournaire help our customers throughout their projects, from the pre-study phase right up until units are started. Our personalised devices allow raw materials that are specific to your field to be treated. Tournaire has thus become an invaluable partner to a highly diverse range of companies in more than 70 countries. For the trickiest raw materials to treat like wood or roots, pressurised distillation can be used, an efficient and durable procedure. The essential oil distiller is used alongside essenciers or Florentine vases, allowing mother water and essential oils to be collected.

The top-of-the-range expertise of our Equipment Division in distillation equipment means our devices can be adapted to suit your raw materials. To ensure optimum results, tests can be carried out on our pilot tools. The excellence processes that guarantee their protection ensure that your raw materials will receive a boost in added value.

For more information on our distillation units or for advice about the products and services we offer, you can get in touch with us directly on our website or by calling + 33 493 09 34 34.