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Distillation and packaging: two key steps in guaranteeing the quality of essential oils

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Essential oils have grown enormously in popularity over the past few years.  Being a natural product, they are very popular. They are highly appreciated for their multitude of uses: applied to the skin, in aromatic baths, as ingredients in cooking, for massages…

There are two fundamental steps in the creation of our oils: distillation and  packaging. The first step consists in extracting the oil from the plant through a distillation process. Packaging essential oils correctly is particularly important as it allows the oil to preserve all its medicinal qualities. 

Today, Tournaire, your partner for  distillation equipment for essential oils, will help you discover the importance of these two steps.

What is the function of an essential oil distiller?

The final product is obtained thanks to an essential oil distiller. The whole process of creating essential oils comes down to the distillation method. Aromatic plants are combined with water vapour. The water vapour will extract the essence of the plant and form a gaseous mix. This mix will then be condensed, and form two perfectly identifiable layers: the water component and the resulting oil.

These two parts are then separated to obtain the oil. The distillation method is one of the main ways of obtaining essential oils. There are however other methods (CO2 extraction, enfleurage, cold pressing…)

Why does packaging play such an important role with essential oils? 

To perfectly preserve essential oils, processing and packaging play a particularly important role. Generally, packaging has an important role in the perfumery / essential oils / food sectors. Firstly, the packaging of essential oils provides a complete barrier. It isolates the oil completely and protects it from outside elements, which could cause it to lose its aroma. Furthermore, good packaging should not affect the scent, and should therefore be neutral. It should perfectly preserve and isolate the oil from air, light, moisture or other odours.

Why choose Tournaire’s essential oil equipment?  

Since 1833, Tournaire has accompanied actors from across all sectors in optimally protecting their perfumes, food products and much more…

Tournaire can offer you a complete range of distillation units (or hydrodistillation). Tournaire machines are separated into two categories: steam distillation (suitable for most operations) or pressure distillation for tougher materials (such as wood or roots for example).

In terms of essential oil packaging, Tournaire offers products that are specifically designed to preserve oils and perfumes. Find the perfect packaging according to size (from 15ml to 32L) or material: aluminium, plastic, glass…

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