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Management of skills, jobs and knowledge

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Tournaire runs an ambitious training plan for all its employees. It benefits from the expert knowledge of its staff whose average seniority is high: 15 years with the company as of 2013.

Tournaire is in a position to capitalize on this knowledge through:

_JJL0420The tutorial system also makes it possible to recognize acquired skills and formalize working tools or methods. It further enables good working practices to be formulated and disseminated.

Alongside acquired skills, participation in trade fairs and conferences makes it possible to monitor technological developments and enrich the knowledge and know-how of the company.

All these actions are part of a Strategic Workforce Planning strategy that enables the company  to anticipate its manpower and skills requirements and improve its competitiveness. It is an opportunity for both the company and its employees to anticipate technological, industrial, demographic and organizational changes so as to face up to the major challenges of tomorrow:  technology, population change,  economic globalization, and ecology and sustainable development .


Gender equality indicator in 2022

– Pay gap indicator: 34
– Individual increase rate gap indicator: 20
– Promotion gap indicator: 15
– Return from maternity leave indicator: not calculable
– High pay indicator: 5

Total points obtained 74
Maximum number of points obtainable 85

INDEX out of 100 points : 87