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Evaporation units and evaporator

The evaporators produced by the Equipment  Division of the Tournaire Group are batch or continuous units operating at atmospheric pressure or under vacuum down 0.1 mbar absolute.

Fields of application cover fine chemicals, pharmaceuticals, food processing and the perfume industry.

These units are designed to take account of specific product features: viscosity, heat sensitivity, foam or crystal formation.

Three different types of heating can be used:


Evaporator types :

The Equipment  Division produces complete units with:


Controls :

For heat-sensitive solutions, units are designed around a falling-film evaporator working down to 0. 1 mbar.

For high-boiling-point products, hot oil up to 300°C is used.

Our extensive experience in this field and our pilot laboratory allow accurate sizing of units and validation of extrapolations to industrial-scale units along with quality control of concentrates.

Before shipping and installation on client premises a complete series of tests is performed in our laboratories to guarantee correct start-up and performance of the equipment.

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