The industrial group is the expert in protecting sensitive and hazardous materials with tailor-made packaging since 1833.

Tournaire sites posses MASE* certification since 2010, having opted for safety through the adoption of this stringent standard.

Tournaire uses MASE (certification of safety procedures) as a preventive tool leading to continuous improvements in safety in its workshops. This procedure makes it possible to prevent accidents (low levels of frequency and severity compared with other engineering companies) and raises awareness of potential risks among Tournaire employees.

*MASE: Manuel d’Amélioration de la Sécurité des Entreprises, Company Safety Improvement Manual

Tournaire Group’s Equipment Division has set up a safety organization and management system aimed at accident prevention:

Tournaire’s sub-contractors are chosen according to HSE criteria (Health, safety, Environment). 

Work performed by Tournaire’s Equipment Division on client premises follows strict operating rules and constraints, and is carried out by experienced staff who possess the requisite training (chemical risk certification, etc.), information and resources.  Audits are performed to check that essential safety rules are correctly followed on site.