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International Presence

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The equipment Tournaire are used around the world.

Flowers, leaves, gums, resins, various types of powder… Whatever the raw materials to be processed, Tournaire’s Equipment Division can design and produce the system best suited to the client’s requirements. 




Long Binh Industrial Park (Amata)
Road 13, Plot N° 506
Long Binh Ward – Bien Hoa City
Dong Nai Province
Sandy LAM
Assistant General Manager
Mob. +84 933 272 866
Phone +84 2512 86 09 34 

Worlwide, these clients trust Tournaire

Algeria Enafla Still 3000 L
Belgium Ajinomoto Omnichem Filter dryer Ø700 mm in hastelloy C276
Corden Pharmachem Condensing and decanting units 24+12m2 in stainless steel
Corden Pharmachem Multiplate filter 4,1 m2 in stainless steel
UCB Nutsche Filter Ø800 mm in stainless steel
UCB Filter dryer Ø700 mm in hastelloy C22
Bresil Raros Still 5000 L
Quiral Multipurpose extraction pilote plant 80 L
China Firmenich Reaction unit 1000 L
Yichang Ludanlan naturel Extraction unit 2x2000 L
France Archimex Extraction unit Ø 700 mm
Aventis Pasteur Marcy Filter dryer Ø 400 mm
Berkem Extraction unit 3000 L
Cargill Continuous evaporation under vacuum
Charabot Continuous evaporation under vacuum
Chimex 2 filters 4 m
CLS Rémy Cointreau Extraction plant under pressure, 3000L
Ensiacet Extraction unit 300 L
IFF Extraction and filtration unit
Isochem Filter dryer Ø 2000 mm
Isochem Stirred filter dryer Ø 1000 mm in hastelloy C 276
Kerry Reaction unit 1000 L
Mane Solid liquid extraction plant with EF2 type extractor, 5000L
Merck Sharp Dohme Discontinuous rectification unit 15000 L
Omnichem Filter dryer Ø 700 mm in C 276
Organon Filter dryer 0,1 m² Ø 360 mm in hastelloy C22
Oril Industrie Filter dryer Ø 2300 mm
Oril Industrie Discontinuous rectification unit
Oril Industrie Condensing units 1,5 m2 in hastelloy C22
PPG SIPSY Stirred filter dryer Ø 2300 mm
PPG SIPSY Filter dryer 300 L
Purifunction Pilot plant for solid liquid extraction with EF2 type extractor, 300
Robertet Short path distillation unit 0,2 m2
Robertet 1 Extraction and Evaporation unit 5000 L
Sanofi Synthelabo Filter dryer Ø 1400 mm
Sanofi Synthelabo Filter dryer 0,55 m² in hastelloy C22
Sanofi Aventis Continuous rectification units Ø 200 à 800 mm
Sanofi Aventis Filter dryers Ø 550 to 2000 mm
Sanofi Aventis Condensing and decanting units 24+12m2 in stainless steel
Sanofi Aventis Condensing and decanting unit 24+12m2 in hastelloy C22
Sanofi Pasteur Filter dryers Ø 200 & 400 mm
Sanoflore (L'Oreal) Pilot plant for distillation, 50
Schering Organon Lab-plant Filter dryer 10L in hastelloy C22
SNPE Filter dryer Ø 2300 mm in stainless steel
Sofradim Filter dryers Ø700 mm in hastelloy C276
Sophim Molecular distillation unit 4,5 m2
Yves Rocher 1 pilot extractor 150 L
Indonesia Gudang Garam 5 distillation units 3800L
Gudang Garam 2 batch rectification units under vacuum 9000L
Indesso Extraction and evaporation unit 4000 L
Lakta Aroma Extraction unit 4000 L
PT Indo Aneka Atsiri 2 Distillation units 3000
PT Indo Aneka Atsiri 1 Rectification columns 9000 L
PT Indo Aneka Atsiri 2 Pressure leaf filters
PT Indo Aneka Atsiri 1 Extraction unit 5000 L
PT Indo Aneka Atsiri 1 Rectification unit 3000 L
Tirtamas 3 distillation units 5000 L
Italy Simone Gatto Short path distillation unit
Japan Kao Corporation Flow devider
Madagascar Kwai Chung Distillation unit 3000 L
Portugal Naturextract 1 Distillation unit 3000 L
Reunion Island Caheb Distillation unit
Singapore Sanofi Aventis Drier Ø 1300 mm
Slovenia LEK Filter dryer Ø 450 mm
South Korea Envita Distillation unit 3000 L
Spain Euromed 2 Extraction and evaporation units 5000 L
Kao Corporation Flow devider
Pradomudo I+D Distillation units for Citrus fruit, 6 x 10.000 L
Pradomudo I+D Batch rectification column for essential oils - 2000 L
Primoil Batch rectification column for essential oils - 100 L
Switzerland Alpaflor Extraction unit 300 L
Cosmetochem Extraction unit 2000 L
Haco Extraction unit 4000 L
Nestlé Sofinol Extraction and evaporation unit 5000 L
Nestlé Sofinol Revamping of solid liquid extraction plant for compliance to new reglementary rules

Contact information for agents Tournaire Equipment Group Division

TEL. : 00 32 2 770 70 64
FAX : 00 32 2 771 76 98
PORTABLE :00 32 475 590 148



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