The industrial group is the expert in protecting sensitive and hazardous materials with tailor-made packaging since 1833.


TMM packaging responds to specific needs when packaging agrochemical products(from 100ml to 30L), with a range of coextruded multilayer cans (HDPE and PA or EvOH barrier film).

TMM packaging is high performance and has been optimised in order to meet the profession’s needs and regulatory requirements. In particular, it guarantees:

• Watertightness, protecting your product’s active ingredients.

• Robustness, required by UN regulations.

• Efficient emptying and rinsing to protect the environment.

• User-friendliness.

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TMM was founded in 1999 by two family-owned companies: Millet Marius, a specialist in injection and extrusion moulding, andTournaire, a specialist in co-extrusion moulding.

Associated products

Measuring cup (100cc/5cc)

Measuring cup 100cc/5cc

Measuring cup (50 and 63)

Placed on the caps 50 and 63 mm , they do not need to change your card and allow to measure precisely up to 75 , 100 or 120 ml.

Taylor made agrochemical packaging

Taylor made agrochemical packaging on demand