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News 10 December 2015

Tournaire ranks among the French champions for dynamism and growth!

Tournaire ranks among the French champions for dynamism and growth!

Tournaire receives a dual tribute for it economic performance

and its international expansion


The new ranking drawn up by l’Express-l’Expansion pays tribute to the performance of Tournaire, which has risen to 76th place in the list of the 150 best independent companies in France and 80th among French international champions. A review of the key factors behind this success:.

Innovation, Internationalization and Adaptation: these points common to all the leaders are precisely part of Tournaire’s DNA

Out of a list of 8,000 independent companies*, only 150 fulfill the performance criteria selected. To be one of those chosen a company had to have a turnover of over 10 million euros along with a cumulative growth of turnover of over 20% over the last few years and profits before tax of at least 3%. These results had to be achieved independently, without the backing of a group. The head of the company had to possess at least 10% of the equity .

While the sectors of activity of the winners were extremely varied, they shared the same success factors: the chosen companies, often with long histories, had aimed for innovation and international development to consolidate their market positions.

The international aspect is so important today that it was the object of a specific award for the 100 French SMEs and mid-market companies posting the best performances in this field. Here too Tournaire features among the winning companies, in 80th place. These two awards are perfectly in line with Tournaire’s strategic choices, focused on excellence and international development

Agile, reactive, aggressive, these companies are headed by pragmatic entrepreneurial leaders committed to the life of the company. They know how to guide their teams towards unceasing reinvention of their offering so as to satisfy a demand that is continually being renewed.

Tournaire, a dynamic company, emblem of success.

“Founded in 1833, Tournaire has become an essential player in the fields of equipment and packaging for raw materials in France and abroad thanks to its constant quest for excellence, its permanent innovation and its diversification in line with the demands of its clients. Our commitment to ‘Produce the best, protect the most’ perfectly sums up the company’s philosophy. We are proud to feature in these prestige rankings. This is another acknowledgement of our permanent commitment,” stated Mr Luc Tournaire, Company Chairman.

*SMEs , mid-market companies and family groups listed by Ellisphère